The Little Things Your Kids Do

The Little Things Your Kids Do

I had a wonderful mommy moment with my fabulous children today.


We started our day early because I had to be at work today for an early meeting. So the kiddos and I got up got ready and headed out. They came to work with me and they helped out, played on the computer, and just patiently waited until i was done. My meeting lasted about two maybe three hours and we left. I had a couple errands to run so we did some running around like going to the bank, grocery shopping, grabbed some lunch, and did some good old Target shopping!!!


We get back home and the kids immediately begin to play with whatever they bought while we were out today. So they're being kids playing, I'm being a mommy doing my mommy things like laundry and putting away the things we bought. After i am done i begin to do my nails.


We just moved into a new condo so we don't have our furniture yet, so we are spending a lot of time on the floor! LOL! Well I decided to sit on the kitchen floor because you can see the TV good from there and I didn't want to sit in the living room while doing my nails. The kids are running around laughing, playing, including me in conversation and with the classic "Mommy watch this".


In the middle of doing my nails I realize both of my fabulous children have taken seats beside me on the floor of the kitchen! My son who is 10 grabbed his psp sat down next to me and just played his game. My daughter who is 12 had grabbed a magazine and sat down next to me and just read away. I looked at them and wondered why on earth are they sitting on the kitchen floor? The reason is me. They just wanted to be by me. I'm sorry but as a mom, to have these moments is the best feeling in the world. So many mommies , including myself, worry about being a good mom and today when I looked over at my happy babies by my side I knew I had to be doing something right!


To know, to see, and to feel in your heart how much your children love you is an absolute blessing!


I love you Kayleah and Kristopher!


Jenna Pye