Astrid Von Winter

I had the delightful pleasure to work with Astrid in Athens at our loft on the river. JHS Photo and I teamed up again and created a killer set with this total sweetie Pye! 

Having a vision and having a model bring it to life is such a fulfilling feeling.  For the first time I had full creative control (Thanks Jacob!) When Astrid arrived I immediately started stare and gaze at her as she has the perfect look for our location and a damn dress I've had for about 3-4 years wanting to shoot in.... in the exact same setting where our loft on the river is. She's perfect and Jacob is Bad ASS so I handed her the dress and we headed to the water. 

Gasp, gasp, gasp SHE NAILS IT! The dress looks so amazing on her, the lighting is almost gone but it's perfect, and I am literally obsessing over this shoot! As Jacob shows me shots on his camera, at times my eyes did tear up. I don't know..... I think it's because the moment I saw that dress, I had a vision. When you see your vision come to life it's a feeling of achievement and you have full proof you were right in what you envisioned in your head. 

Check out our behind the scenes video and final images below!

Model Astird Von Winter

Photographer JHS Photo

Creative Director Jenna Pye

Jenna Pye