2 days left in Vegas!

I will be adding these to the travel calender later this week. I dont have the best WiFi right now so I'm unable to use my laptop 😤 


Next stops:  

  • Atlanta  (April 18th-28th)
  • Orlando (April 29th-30th)
  • Deleware (May 1st-4th)
  • Washington DC (TBD) 
  • London (June) 
  • Paris (June)  
  • Sacramento & San Diego (August)
  • Los Angeles (August)  

Minimal travel in May and July as my body needs ti be able to rest in between travels. Join me on Patron to get first exclusives on travel, photo shoots, publications, uncensored nudes, silly selfies, and more! My Patron Pye's see everything first! 


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Jenna Pye