Pye Land with Actress & Model Leah White!

 I have been working on mastering hair and makeup styling to add to ALL my master styling skills! I finally have my tiny studio where I can offer hair, makeup, wardrobe, set design, model/pose coaching, small workshops, etc! 

  1. ANYONE can stop by to get hair and makeup done for photo shoots, events, etc. So whether you have a photo shoot, event, video, filming, or just want some "Tea" time lol , You can stop by, let me get my hands on you and make you a star for the day! Send me a message and let's set up your day! 
  2. Wardrobe can be provided or bring your own pieces I can style them for you. Sometimes styling your outfit or shoot can be overwhelming and stressful. I have a massive amount of wardrobe ready for any shoot. I receive new items weekly from the coolest and hottest companies! 
  3. Test shoots- If anyone is interested in letting me snap some photos of you while I study makeup lighting then let's get to shooting! We'll take some cool fun photos on the white or black backdrops and we'll both learn about how lighting is our best friend! Ha! 
  4. Coaching/Mentoring workshops- What is this? Believe it or not modeling is like any job, sport, or skill. The more you do it, the better you become. I would have given anything to have someone help me and direct me in the right direction! This industry is cut throat, very rare will you find someone willing to help you. So having a pose coach, someone to teach you about predators in the industry, how to check references, HOW TO SAY NO, and so much more! I will have more on my mentoring workshops in the next few weeks. 
  5. Photo shoots/Set Design/Creative Director- The option to do photo shoots is now available! More photos coming soon! Extremely pretty  living room, dining room, bedroom furniture and set up throughout for exceptional photo shoots, full makeup and dressing room, backdrops, and lighting. I am available for set design. If you have a concept and would like to me to build your set at my studio or yours, I am available to do so. Please send me a message :)


Take a look at my latest session with the beautiful actress and model Leah White! She drove in from Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia for silly me! It was quite the joy and I was able to snag David Hobbs Photography to come shoot!

We did a variety of wardrobe styles that I will post links for shortly! Check us out behind the scenes doing our thing! All hair, makeup, wardrobe, styling, set done by yours truly!