What I do...

What I do is basically what I have been doing my whole life....... playing with Barbie's! LOL Well the Barbie's I play with are real life babes! I dress them up, pose them, tell them what to do, and get rewarded to do it! Hair, makeup, shoes, clothes- OH MY!!! 

So I get asked all the time "What are you going to do when you can't model anymore" ? Well I plan on making super models!!! Ha! While I love modeling, I love being behind the scenes so much more! When you see your vision come to life, it is way more rewarding for me to see my work, art, style- a reflection of me being modeled by someone else. 

My goals these days are to focus on behind the scenes, creative art/directing, and coaching new and up and coming models! If I can help a someone who has a desire to be in this industry be successful then great. If people think I can't help them, awesome. I'm not for everybody but I do believe in helping everyone. This is a cut throat business. No one is interested in helping anyone. You have copy cats, haters, stalkers, rejection, along with a ton more of negative energy. I have seen girls drop like flies because they couldn't handle the cattiness. Shit, I have almost quit a thousand times because of mean girls. With that being said, don't you think having a model coach, a mentor to teach you how to handle these negative situations would be helpful? Always having someone in your corner cheering you on? Having someone who wants nothing more than to help you achieve your dreams? Goals? I know I would have given anything for someone to help me!!! What about your photo shoots? What do you know about photo shoots, photographers, models, makeup, hair, set, scams, trade, time, etc, etc, etc? Just because you think you know the definition of those things,  you know what work goes in to each thing-Wrong!  Look if you want to be successful, I'm here to help. I'm not going to do it for you but I will help you and you will succeed if you listen.  

My studio is now available for models, photographers, photo shoots, classes, workshops, etc. 

Interested in modeling? Fill out a contact form to get information on my upcoming model workshop! 

Photographers, need a place to shoot? I have a small studio with sexy furniture, wardrobe, dressing room, and makeup station. I will also be offering monthly sets and the option to build you a set! Send me a message! 

Models from top to bottom: Kayleah, Alexandria Deranged, Tara Marie Ptacek, Violet Grant. Search the blogs to read up more on these babes and find their social links! 


How cute is my little muse! Vamping up her portfolio with David Hobbs Photography and myself :) If you are interested in becoming a model and don't know where to start, please send me an email and lets chat and get you started! 

Looking cute and being comfortable thanks to Bombshell Sportswear! (FYI: Fitness videos coming soon and  Also find out how they are a huge relief for reducing pain in my legs)

  Here is the link to snag a pair of leggings like mine! 


Jenna Pye