Happy New Year sweetie Pye's! 

My first meal for 2017! I had a really good time making my first Green Chef meal and it is so delicious!!! Check out my video making black eyed pea stew. It was the perfect meal to start the New Year with. Black eye peas and collard greens are my New Year traditions that I always eat for good health and good luck. I'll be uploading a daily cooking video so you can see how fun and easy it is! 

With my schedule and dread for grocery shopping, Green Chef has saved me! This will allow me to have more time working and spending no time in the grocery store! (I'll post a blog on my grocery store anxiety) Everything is fresh organic foods. I'm vegetarian so I selected the plan suitable for me and my family. They have many other meal options. Use my invite below to receive $25OFF!


Start the new year with blackeyed peas and collard greens! #greenchef


Super delicious Miso-Herb Tofu Bowl!!!

Another delicious meal from Green Chef! I am quite impressed with how tastey these meals have been! Everything is so fresh and full of delicious flavors- I just cannot get enough! This meal was gluten free and for my vegans!

You can follow my story on Instagram to watch me cook live or wait for me to post on the blog. Check out my video for this yummy meal!